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Baiyun Mountain National Forest Park  
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The Baiyun Mountain Forest Park is located in the south of song county under Luoyang, and is in the mountainside of the Funiu Mountains,The whole park covers an area of 168 square kilometers,It is in the transient area from temperate zone to semitropic zone,going through Yangtse River,the Yellow River and the Huaihe River Drainage Basins. The highest temperature here in summer is less than 26℃,and it has abundant resources of various animals and plants owing to the favorable condition of climate.It is investigated that there are 204 species of animals and 1991 species of plants,and the forest coverage rate is over 95%.Therefore,it is honored as the"Natural Museum"by specialists.There are 37 peaks,which are more than 1500 meters above see level.The highest one is Yuhuang Peak,which is 2216m.honored as"the first peak"in central china, and it is the best place to watch the sunrise and clouds.
The peaks here are wonderful and grotesque,the clouds are floating around,waterfalls are falling vertically,forests and valleys are primitive,those of perilous peaks and grotesque stones are represented by the Baiyun Hill,the Yuhuang Peak,the secondary Huangshan Hill,the cockscomb peak and the steep cliffs.Forest scenery includes the alpine azalea woods,the virgin Forest,the ginkgo forest in the Tang Dynasty,the wild pony garden, the scarlet birches forest,the silver birches forest and bamboo forest.Those of waterfall and ponds are the Nine-dragon-waterfall,the Black-Dragon-pool,the Yellow-dragon-well.the white-dragon-waterfall,the Green-drangon-waterfall.and the pearl pool.Humane landscape consists of the Wuman Temple,the Yunyan Temple,Yuhuang Pavilion.Scenic spots of caves and Grottoes are embodied by the White Cloud Cave,the Green Snake's Cave,the Drum's cave,the Suspended plank Roads along Cliffs and the Fairy Bridge.The season sight can be seen from the sunrise,clouds and the maple leaves.
The whole resort area is the collection of the hills,stones, waters,caves,forests,grasses,flowers,birds and beasts,and it is characterized by greatness,steepness,Wonder,quietness,beauty and grotesqueness.There appears five large different scenic zones such as the Baiyun Hill scenic zone,the Yuhuang Peak scenic zone,the Nine-dragon waterfall scenic zone,the Virgin Forest and the secondary Huangshan,Mountain scenic zone, and it has become the multi-functioned tourist area integrated with the sightseeing,holiday,esploration and scientific research in central China,honored as "Eminent Mountain""Terrestrial Fairyland".It was approved a state-grade forest park by the Ministry of Forestry in 1992.In1998,it was anthorized as one of the state-grade natural reserves,and in 1997 it was recommended as the"Top Ten Attractive Places for Travel and sightseeing"in Henan Province,ranking No.3 in the list.
Having developed for ten years,we have established the coordinated tourist service system in the Baiyun Mountain National Forest Park,which includes catering lodging,transportation,sightseeing,shopping,and entertainment, constructed 10 liotels,completed the facilities of roads and services, built the alpine sliding Way in the Yuhuang Peak Scenic Zone and"the first jump in Asia"--the Yunfei Burging in Baiyun Mountain,and the resort area has the capacity of receiving ten thousand guests per day.At present,it has become the new hot spot in central China and the important tourist area in the southern route of Luoyang.
Wonderful Travel Routes:
D1:climbing the Yuhuang Peak to watch the sunrise and clouds in the morning;In the afternoon stepping up the secondary Huangshan virgin forest admiring strange pines, grotesque stones,bamboo forest.
D2:visiting the Baihe Valley,in cluding Black-dragon Pool,Yellow-dragon Well,Pear Pool,White-dragon Waterfall, Green-dragon-Waterfall,Nine-dragon-Waterfll,the suspendeed Plank Roads along cliffs in the morning, In the afternoon,visiting the virgin Forest including the spots of Nine-winding-waterfall,fan-like waterfall,foggy-waterfall,sun and moon pool,flying waterfall,holding-sky pine,queen tree.
D3:climbing the Baiyun Hill to admire the spots of Yixiantian seem,crossover.Baiyun Cave in the morning, In the afternoon,visiting the Wild Pony garden,Wuman Temple,the ginkgo forest of the Tang Dynasty
Kaifeng→Luoyang→Yichuan→Song County→Heyu town in Luanchuan→Baiyun Mountain.
Zhengzhou→Dengreng→Yichuan→Sbong County→Checun Town→Baiyun Mountain.
Pingdingshan→Lushan→Checun town→Baiyun Mountain.
Nan yang→Nanzhao→Baihe town in Song County→Baiyun Mountain.
Sanmenxia→Lushi→Luanchuan→Heyu→Baiyun Mountain.
Entrance fee:40¥per person
Opening time:all the year
Address:Baiyun Mountain,Song County,Luoyang City, Henan Province.
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