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International Humanities Exchange Center of Heluo Culture Meeting

On January 12, invited by Henan CCPIT and Cambodian International Chamber of Commerce, Luoyang Normal University (LYNU) and Chongzheng School of Cambodia held a meeting to build an International Humanities Exchange Center of Heluo culture together, the meeting was held online. Wang Youwei, Director of International Department of Henan CCPIT, Ma Hong, Secretary General of Cambodian International Chamber of Commerce and Assistant of International Cooperation and Exchange Center of LYNU for the promotion of Heluo culture, and Gao Wensheng, Director of Education Department of Chongzheng School in Cambodia attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Qu Hongtao, director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Center.

Director Qu Hongtao firstly congratulated the two universities on the official opening of cooperation and exchange, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the leaders of Henan Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Cambodian International Chamber of Commerce for their care and support, then he introduced the foreign cooperation and exchange work carried out by LYNU in recent years with the foundation of Heluo culture. In the past hundred years since the establishment of the university, relying on the long history and cultural heritage of Luoyang and the professional characteristics of the disciplines, LYNU has been awarded as the base for the promotion of Chinese language and international Heluo culture in Henan Province. Based on this responsibility of cultural exchange and cultural heritage, LYNU has been committed to foreign cooperation and exchange with countries along the Belt and Road. At present, the university has made some achievements in the exchange of students and teachers with Malaysia, Laos and other countries, cultivating foreign students and running schools abroad. Director Qu said that there are many points of convergence between our two universities in the exchange of Heluo culture, and he hoped that the two schools could cooperate and exchange in the promotion of Heluo culture and Chinese language.

Director Gao Wensheng congratulated the two schools on this online negotiation. He introduced the basic situation of Chongzheng School and highly recognized the characteristics and achievements of Chongzheng School. He said that Chongzheng School in Cambodia is looking forward to cooperating and exchanging with Chongzheng school as soon as possible, and the teachers and students of Chongzheng School are also very eager to learn and experience more of the Heluo culture.

Mr. Wang Youwei and Mr. Ma Hong both said that the cooperation between the two schools in education and cultural exchange would be a great help to the development of economy and trade between the two places, which is a win-win situation for both the institutions and the local community.




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